About Us

Established in 2006, The Gallery on 5th has been the place to go for Michigan-made art in the Keweenaw for more than a decade. More than 115 artists are featured in our beautiful, historical space. Our building is around 130 years old and is an integral part of the 100 block of 5th Street in Historic Calumet.

In May of 2022, Morten and Kristi Haugland of Destination Calumet purchased the business and the building as part of their plans to revive Calumet and make it a real destination for aesthetes and artisans alike.

The Gallery on 5th will continue to support local artists, community events, and travelers for years to come!


Meet Our Staff

Kayla Jaynes - Artistic Director


Originally a native of San Diego, Kayla has called the Keweenaw home since 2018. In her youth, she studied classical ballet and went on to make her living as a professional ballet dancer as a young adult. She also attended college at the same time and holds a degree in Digital Media. After retiring from the stage and moving here, she began teaching at the Superior School of Dance in Hancock. She also started a career in banking at a local institution. Four years in finance and learning about corporate structure proved to be very helpful for her next role in life: Artistic Director for the Gallery on 5th. Kayla has “the eye” and the business skills necessary for a position like this one. She is very excited to see how she, her staff, and Destination Calumet can take the Gallery and Calumet into the future. In her time off, she enjoys dancing, yoga, attending live music, and community events.


Malin Haugland - Gallery Assistant


Malin is originally from Norway, has lived most of her life between Hancock and Columbus, but has been back in the UP since 2020. She is the second oldest daughter of Morten Haugland. She has many talents and skills having worked within her father's business ventures for years, some of which include, assistant teaching and business administration. Malin loves music and is learning to play the concertina. On her days off, you can catch her copper agate hunting or adventuring with friends!


Asher Werner - Art Sales Associate


Originally from Wisconsin, Asher's family moved to the UP in 2012. He currently lives in Laurium and is a lifelong homeschool student. He has a wide taste in music and you'll find him listening to anything from "Brand of Sacrifice" to "Michael Jackson"! After work you can find him at dance class or catching up on his favorite anime shows.


Bonnie Werner - Art Sales Associate


Younger sister to Asher, Bonnie also moved to the UP in 2012. She currently lives in Laurium and is a lifelong homeschool student. Bonnie loves dancing and drawing, so after work you can find her at dance class or sketching up a new character.